Below are some common questions we get at the track. We'll continue to update the FAQ so you get the answers you need. Have a question that's not answered below? Send us a message.

Sandy Ridge BMX is open to the public seven days a week. Not all tracks are open to the public on weekdays, so our riders are fortunate! We ask that you always wear a helmet when riding, and proper race gear is recommended as well (this can be as simple as a long sleeve shirt and jeans). PLEASE, do not ride the track when it is wet. Our volunteers work hard to keep the track race-ready all year long. Rain and muddy conditions are our worst enemy. Riding the track when it’s wet does more damage than you can imagine and creates more work for our staff. Want to know if the track is rideable? Send us a message on facebook or call us at 678-448-6155. Thanks in advance!

Races are held on Saturday nights (under the lights!). Please check our schedule for specific dates. Registration and practice are from 6-7:30PM with races to follow asap. Some races, such as state qualifiers, DK Gold Cup qualifiers, and make-up races, are typically held during the day.

We hold gate practice every Tuesday night, 6-8PM during the race season. Your USABMX license is required as well as proper race gear (helmet, long sleeve shirt, race pants or jeans or shorts with full shin guards).

Sometimes, the weather doesn’t cooperate with our practice and race schedule. We’ll let you know about cancellations in one of two ways:

  • Sign-up for text updates by texting “Sandy Ridge” to 84483. We’ll push out changes in our scheduled practices and races.
  • Follow us on Facebook. This is the best way to get hour-by-hour updates to possible weather related changes.
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